Southside ISD District and Regional Spanish Spelling Bee Competition Results

Spanish Spelling Bee 23 FI

The 7th Annual District Spanish Spelling Bee was held at Southside ISD at the High School Auditorium. All students in the district are eligible to participate in their campus competitions in 3rd – 5th grade. The top five winners then compete at the District level. In the 6th – 8th grade and 9th – 12th grade categories, all students who wish to participate compete at the district level. In addition, all 1st place winners represented Southside ISD at the Regional competition at Region 20 ESC, on May 16, 2023. Our participants at each level put up a great fight. Both our elementary and secondary participants were able to avoid getting eliminated until after at least 1/2 of their peers were eliminated. In a fantastic performance, our high school participant, Linda Figueroa Castenanos, was the first SISD student to place in the high school category. She received a trophy and $150.00 for her 2nd-place accomplishment.

3rd – 5th grade 

  • 1st Lexie Pina – Freedom 
  • 2nd Isabel Zavala Moncayo – Gallardo 
  • 3rd Regina Calleros – Freedom 

6th – 8th grade 

  • 1st Mia Ruiz – Matthey 
  • 2nd Andrea Rodriguez – Matthey 
  • 3rd Rommel Navarette – Matthey 

9th – 12th grade 

  • 1st Linda Figueroa Castenanos 
  • 2nd Evelin Herrera
  • 3rd Bethany Morales