Metal Detectors arrive for use at all Southside ISD Campuses & Events

Menchaca Early Childhood Center Principal Mrs. Tanya Mares and Superintendent Rolando Ramirez guide a student through the metal detector.

Grandmother Rosemary Garcia came to Southside High School on Thursday, May 25, 2023, to see her fifth grade daughter perform in the auditorium. She immediately came upon metal detectors being used. It was the first day they were put in operation. Like most, Mrs. Garcia was very pleased. “I think it’s very good, with everything that’s happening. I think it’s nice to have something like this so students, parents, and grandparents can feel safe,” she said. Longtime Southside High School teacher Mrs. Anna Bustamante also supports the district’s newest safety and security measure. “I would hope that these metal detectors would deter someone from walking into our schools.” Superintendent of Schools Mr. Rolando Ramirez began his day helping campuses set up the 29 walk-through metal detectors. Yet, even the school leader is not exempt from the district’s safety protocols. He’s also pleased with the new process and says Southside’s students will quickly adjust. “Our little ones seem to be having fun passing through them and just a couple were apprehensive,” the superintendent said as the school year comes to a close. “To start off next school year I think we’re ready to go,” said Mr. Ramirez. All Southside ISD visitors, staff, and students must now pass through the metal detectors. To see how they operate please review these guidelines with your children.

Metal detector guidelines Video

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