Students are all smiles as Strawberry milk returns to Southside ISD

strawberry milk

Strawberry milk made a huge comeback to Southside ISD cafeterias and students are happily drinking it up. The fat free flavored milk returned to Southside after students at all campuses appealed to Superintendent Rolando Ramirez for its return. Following more than a six year hiatus, strawberry milk made a popular resurgence. “We want to keep our student happy and provide what they like. Right now, we’re exploring new meal items,” said Child Nutrition Director Janie Ramirez. In addition to the strawberry milk, Southside ISD students will also be enjoying:

  • Spicy buffalo wings with ranch dressing (Southside High School, Matthey Middle School, Losoya Middle School)
  • Glazed buffalo wings with ranch dressing (elementary campuses)
  • Mac and cheese makes the menu in late April
  • Mango chunks with Tajin chili powder will be on the lunch menu every Wednesday.