Record turnout at Parent Symposium leads to Success

Parent symposium food

Parents from throughout the school district turned out in record numbers for the Weds. March 2, 2023 Southside ISD Parent Symposium held at Matthey Middle School. Never before have so many parents turned out to hear about strategies to help their children succeed in school. At least 400 parents came to parent symposium; the largest in Southside ISD history. “I’m very happy this is happening,” said parent Veronica Esquivel. Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez welcomed parents and handed out certificates of recognition to parents in the district’s adult learning classes. Bilingual Programs director Mrs. Adriana Bermea, Special Programs director Mr. Christopher Douglas, and Mr. Randy Escamilla, Director of Public Relations/Parent & Community Engagement, organized the event. “I loved showcasing our parents and our students,” said Mrs. Bermea. “Our parents love what’s going on at Southside, and we know that this engagement leads to overall success,” said Mr. Escamilla