Southside ISD Parents love Auto Tech, Culinary, and Computer Classes

Culinary dessert

Sugeetha Ramakrishnan and her family recently moved into the Southside ISD in November 2022 from Canada. She said the district’s schools and community have exceeded her expectations. “It’s been really good at Southside ISD. My kids love Southside ISD,” said the mother of two small children.

Mrs. Ramakrishnan enrolled in free parent classes the district offered. In late January the district began offering auto tech, culinary and basic computer skills to all Southside ISD parents. Mrs. Ramakrishnan signed up for the auto tech class because she said she knew very little about cars. “Every time we take our cars for service, we actually don’t know what they do, so I want to learn about my car.” Now, because of the parent classes, Mrs. Ramakrishnan knows how to change tires, her car’s oil and filters and the importance of brake fluid. She credits the district for helping her. “On behalf of all parents in Southside ISD, we are grateful for these classes because it really benefits us,” Ramakrishnan said.

Mrs. Clarissa Lott is a Southside High School parent who also responded. She signed up for culinary classes and enjoyed every minute of it. Today, Mrs. Lott can talk about making delicious fried chicken. “I have the hardest time with chicken and at restaurants it’s soft and moist. I learned you just need to sear it on the frying pan and then finish cooking it in the oven.” said Mrs. Lott. She added, “Don’t ever cut it.”

Both moms encourage the district’s parents to join parent classes when they’re offered. “I know sometimes it’s hard for parents because it’s after school, but don’t let that stop you,” said Sugeetha Ramakrishnan.

The district is planning to hold more parent classes in April. Stay tuned to the website and text messages for more information.