Southside ISD’s Chief of Police Selected as the HAPCOA’s National President

The Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA),
established in 1973, is the oldest and largest association in the United States of
Hispanic American command officers from law enforcement agencies at the school
district, municipal, county, state and federal levels. On November 17, 2022, Don
Tijerina, Chief of Police for the Southside ISD, was sworn in as the National President
for the HAPCOA at their annual training symposium held in in Los Angeles,
California. Chief Tijerina will preside over HAPCOA as the association celebrates
their 50 th anniversary in 2023. With members from hundreds of agencies across the
United States and Puerto Rico, and also in the Dominican Republic, Columbia and
Panama, HAPCOA is an international organization with a local presence.

Chief Tijerina providing remarks after being sworn-in as HAPCOA National President.