Southside ISD Website Committee

Website FI

The Southside ISD Communication Department has created a District Website Committee of parents and staff from each campus. The committee met for the first time on Tuesday, October 6th, and will continue to have meetings throughout the year. These meetings are designed to get input and insight from parents and staff on what information is most beneficial on the SISD website. The goals are to keep an open line of communication for critiques, compliments, and criticism.  This committee is working hard to ensure the website is up-to-date and easy to use. The site is our number one way to communicate positive news, and in case of a crisis, this is the site where the district will post information.

Southside ISD is committed to serving all stakeholders with an accurate and user-friendly website. We know this is vital in ensuring our service is communicated to you all.

If you notice an issue with the website, please report it here.

At this time the committee is filled – stay tuned for updates regarding the Southside ISD website.