Important Update: Standardized Dress Shirts Pick Up for Back to School

Important Update

***As of August 15th, 2022 the Print Shop Portable is closed. Please call (210) 882-1600 x2613 for information regarding shirt orders. If you have not placed an order for shirts you can do that here:***

For more information on Standardized Dress Code please visit

**To assist students and families the district is providing 3 Polos and 3 T-shirts in Red, Black, and White at no cost to the families through 8/31/2022.

Returning students should have received 3 Polos and 3 -T-shirts in red, black and white. If your child did not receive all six shirts please send an email to to complete the order form for each child.

New enrolled students will receive 3 Polos and 3 T-shirts in red, black and white, at no cost if they enroll by 8/31/2022 by emailing, completing the form for
each child. After 9/1/2022 shirts may be purchased.***

If you have questions please call (210) 882-1600 x2613.

For directions please watch the video below.