Welcome Southside ISD Board of Trustees

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(San Antonio, TX) –  At Wednesday night’s regular board meeting for Southside ISD,  Cardinal Nation celebrated and welcomed two new board members.  We are excited to have Ms. Esmeralda Flores and Mrs. Lisa Salazar come on board. They each have a background in public education and in service. They made their debut as the Southside Board of Managers transitioned back to a Board of Trustees. It was a very exciting new chapter for Southside ISD. 
The board started transitioning from appointed members to elected members who were appointed to serve by the TEA Commissioner.  Margarita Morales and Katie Farias were the first elected members appointed to serve. They replaced Dolores Sendejo and Dr. Lonna Clinch.  Mary Silva and Brenda Olivarez were the next two elected members alongside Jesse Hernandez.
Conservator and appointed member Velia Minjarez, and appointed member Bruce Brannon were the final two to be replaced by elected trustees Esmeralda Flores and Lisa Salazar.  
All trustees will continue to receive training from the Lone Star Governance program and SISD has been assigned a new conservator,  Dr. Sylvia Reyna. Dr. Reyna was in attendance Wednesday night.
We say thank you to ALL of our board members and the TEA for their leadership and service. We welcome our new board members.

Here are the 2022 Southside ISD Board of Trustees 

Jesse Hernandez - Board
Jesse Hernandez, Board President
Katie Farias - Board
Katie Farias, Board Vice-President
Brenda Olivarez - Board
Brenda Olivarez, Secretary
Ms. Esmeralda Flores
Margarita Morales - Board
Ms. Margarita Morales
Mrs. Lisa Salazar
Mrs. Mary Silva