Mysterious Battle of Medina battlefield in closer view

A miniature re-creation of the Battle of Medina by historian Richard Crawford.

For decades, the location of the 1813 Battle of Medina battlefield has been a mystery. Several highway markers claim the site is nearby. However, in February 2022, a team of archeologists led by UTSA archeologist Dr. Clint McKenzie searched several areas; including a field behind Southside ISD’s Losoya Middle School. On May 18, podcaster/historian Brandon Seale  and UTSA’s McKenzie revealed compelling news. The site of the battle very likely did not happen on what is today Southside ISD property. Crews looked at two other nearby sites. One of them, six miles south of the Medina River, revealed projectiles fired from weapons that hit something or somebody. During the 1813 battle, Royalist (Spanish) forces slaughtered at least 900 troops; comprised of Tejanos, local ranchers, and others. The Spanish, for at least 27 years, prohibited survivors from burying their loved ones under penalty of death. Conclusion:  The site does not conclusively prove this is where the Battle of Medina took place. However, it does lead archeologists and historians to believe they are getting closer to finding the site.