Southside ISD Principal Herrera Named Top 50 Women Leaders of San Antonio


Menchaca Early Childhood Center principal Ms. Rebecca Herrera has been named among the Top 50 Women Leaders of San Antonio for 2022. In a news release, the Women We Admire organization wrote, “Both past and present, women have been an integral part of shaping the city. Many historical women have started their roots in the city, such as Emma Tenayuca, who is known for her role of advocating for the suffering of low-class workers and leading a strike of nearly 12,000 individuals when she was just 22 years old. This year’s awardees follow in her footsteps, driving change and smashing barriers of inequality within the workplace. We acknowledge these women for their tenacity, strength, and determination year after year. Our awardees are experts in their field and span nearly all industries including energy, education, finance, engineering, and more.

This year’s awardees have worked tirelessly in their roles and are forging a path for future women leaders as did those before them. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of The Top 50 Women Leaders of San Antonio for 2022.”

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