Superintendents and Bexar County Education Coalition share ideas with State Rep. Lujan

Superintendents gather for the Bexar County Education Coalition's high-level meeting on important issues facing school districts.

The Bexar County Education Coalition, a group comprised of many of the areas school districts, met recently at a high-level meeting hosted by Southside ISD Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez. The meeting served as a fact-finding mission for State Representative John Lujan. Somerset ISD Superintendent Dr. Saul Hinojosa, Harlandale ISD Superintendent Gerald Soto, Edgewood ISD Executive Director Olga Moucoulis, and San Antonio ISD Director Hillary Lilly joined Southside’s Superintendent Ramirez. The superintendents informed Representative Lujan they need the Texas Education Agency to approve full student attendance funding for districts this school year. The leaders said the current funding model based on the average daily attendance (ADA) penalizes public school districts. The COVID omicron variant, they said, significantly affected students coming to school. Representative Lujan informed the superintendents he has a direct line to Commissioner of Education Mike Morath and will discuss the issue with him. Additionally, Representative Lujan said he agrees with the school districts on the importance of:

  • bringing in an HEB to the Southside ISD.
  • establishing a cyber-security center for students on San Antonio’s South Side.
  • establishing better and less expensive internet connectivity in South Bexar County.

Harlandale ISD Board President Norma Cavazos and Southside ISD Board Member Maggie Morales also joined the superintendents in voicing their desire for improved services.