Southside ISD FFA Scores Big at Bexar Co. Junior Livestock Show

Kyra Vela

Southside ISD students in the Future Farmers of America (FFA) program perform well at school and at home. They arrive at school early to care for their animals and then stay late to feed, water, and clean up.

On January 8, 2022 19 out of 27 students placed and made it into the Auction of Champions. Southside High School senior Kyara Vela won for Grand Champion Goat Doe. Southside High School’s Amber Robles received a $500 Bexar County Junior Livestock Show Scholarship and received two 1st Place ribbons. Hilda Dominguez received the Reserve Grand Champion American Heifer, and Nikko Garcia received 1st Place, as well.

Congratulations to all student exhibitors and their parents for their hard work and dedication as Southside ISD FFA prepares for the Majors.


  • Hilda Dominguez – Reserve Grand Champion American Heifer and 4th Place
  • Amber Robles – $500 scholarship and two 1st Place ribbons

Breeding Goats:

  • Kyara Vela – Grand Champion Doe

Market Goats:

  • Bobbi Luna – 5th Place
  • Montana Bevel – 3rd, 6th, and 9th Place
  • Karolyn Chavez – 4th and 6th Place
  • Charlyn Chavez – 6th and 9th Place
  • Mileena Sanchez – 7th Place
  • Amy Rodriguez – 8th Place
  • Alex Ojeda – 10th Place
  • Olivia Benitez
  • Julian Hernandez
  • Camila Ojeda

Market Lambs:

  • Izabella Kibiger
  • Macie Goff

Market Hogs:

  • Leandra West – 4th Place
  • James Best – 6th Place
  • Noah Silva – 5th Place
  • Nikko Garcia – 1st, 5th, and 15th Place
  • Skyler Payton – 5th and 6th Place
  • Beau Payton – 6th Place
  • Selah Vela – 6th Place
  • Mary West
  • Kendra Gallegos


  • Fidel Macia – 23rd Place
  • Rachel Castaneda – 41st Place
  • Kayla Craig – 8th Place
  • Alan Ellison – 22nd Place
  • Camila Ojeda – 29th Place
  • Galilea Benitez
  • Raquel Bermejo


  • Nikko Garcia – 8th and 10th Place
  • Mary West