Stolen Class Ring Returned to Southside HS Grad after 18 years

Norah Gonzales Costantino holds her Class of 1989 Southside High School class ring.

Norah Gonzales Costantino got emotional when she first held her missing class ring. The Class of 1989 Southside High School graduate last saw her ring in 2003. “My mother passed that year and shortly afterwards our house was burglarized. They took the jewelry box with my class ring in it,” Costantino said.

On Christmas Day, the District met Costantino at the high school for the memorable reunion.

The main teller from the Abilene Teachers Federal Credit Union discovered the class ring in the credit union’s lost and found box. “It had been in there for several years before I reached out to the school district to help find the owner,” said the credit union’s Mendi Wadley.

Wadley Googled Southside ISD and within 30 minutes after posting the ring on social media, Norah Gonzales Costantino learned the credit union found her missing ring.

“How did it end up in Abilene?” Costantino asked. The credit union said it was found in a coin machine as far back as 2017.

“I’m just so happy to have my ring back. My parents worked hard to buy this for me and it just brings back wonderful memories,” Costantino said.

She added, “It’s refreshing to know there are good people in this world!”