Southside ISD to boost Teacher pay up to $3500 – Hourly employees getting big raise

Mrs. Guillen

Salaries for new teachers in the Southside Independent School District rank among the top five highest paying districts in San Antonio, according to the district’s Human Resources Department. New teachers earn a starting salary of $56,125. However, the school board just approved an incentive plan that could boost the salary of teachers and professional staff as much as $3500 a year.  But the good news for Southside ISD employees doesn’t end there.

Hourly employees and auxiliary staff will receive a $1 an hour increase in pay, plus, up to $3000 a year in incentive pay.

Superintendent of Schools Mr. Rolando Ramirez said the district’s employees are deserving, especially by the challenges brought on by the pandemic. “Our staff have gone above and beyond in trying to be supportive of the whole setup for this school year. We’re heading in the right direction with everything that we have to deal with,” said the Superintendent.

Mr. Ramirez said students’ success is at the forefront of the district’s work. The payoff, he said, is having more opportunities and programs for students and providing staff with the tools they need to be successful.

Superintendent Ramirez said he has full confidence in Southside’s students, teachers, and parents. “I would say that our (STAAR) scores are going to improve even more. In the ranking of the school districts here in the San Antonio area, I can tell you that we are going to be one of the highest ones. I feel confident that that’s the case,” he proudly stated.