Science, Technology, & Math fun at the STEAM Academy


STEAM Academy summer school teacher Jennifer Snider knew that science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math would help students. However, Snider says what truly surprised her was her students’ newfound vocabulary.

“They’re understanding and applying specific STEAM academy terms not only in the classroom setting but to their real-world knowledge,” said Snider.

Abigail Ramos said her third-grade daughter, Victoria, is thoroughly enjoying learning about robotics, coding, and technology. But she added, “Sometimes, I don’t understand her language. Victoria said she had a project to build a theme park, and that’s about as much as I understood.”

Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez said all campuses will have STEAM academies offering programs in science, technology, and the arts. Programs for Southside students such as Folklorico dancing, guitar playing, and robotics.

“We want them to be the next big creator,” Ms. Montemayor said.

For instance, her students are aware this is a school district without a major grocery store. However, Southside second-grade students have developed a solution.

“Our kids are already thinking about how they would develop computer code for a self-driving car to distribute groceries to families on the Southside,” said Snider.

Southside STEAM students are not only talking big but thinking big to bring solutions to Southside families.

Parents interested in STEAM academies should visit with their campus principal.