Southside High Career & Technical Education Students Honored

Southside High School students in a

Southside High School’s first Career & Technical Education (CTE) Awards night recognized dozens of students for their hard work and dedication in their CTE programs of study.  They were presented with awards honoring them for earning an industry-based certification in their program of study, completing a practicum with excellence, and/or committing to a paid practicum next school year.  We had about 60 parents and students in attendance.  The Southside High School mariachis serenaded the parents as they entered the commons and also sang the National Anthem.  Families were able to enjoy snacks and pictures after the ceremony.  All of the parents were very proud of their student’s accomplishments.  One that stood out to me was a mom, Mrs. Salas, to thank us for all we do for our students.  She said, with tears of joy in her eyes, “I’m very happy I brought my son back to Southside from Brooks Academy because Southside High School offers so many electives and opportunities for our students.” Her son, Aaron, is going to be a senior and will be enrolled in a paid practicum next school year with Central Electric.