Additional Days School Year “ADSY” a TEA Program Launches at MECC

MECC Principal and staff welcome all students with the Spurs Coyote!

( San Antonio, TX) –   ADSY is an awarded grant from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and funded through the United States Department of Education. The grant gives us the opportunity to support early child development which encompasses the focus of the whole child with the foundation of learning, behavior, and health. The experiences children will have during the additional 30 days of school will be hands-on, student-centered, and experiential so students experience their learning through opportunities such as field trips and special visitors like a petting zoo. Brain development begins before birth and into adulthood. Early interactions and experiences with caregivers help to shape a young child’s brain. Building a healthy brain early provides a child with a strong foundation and increases positive long-term outcomes. The early childhood setting and time period are when the work to shape the brain’s ability and the child’s capacity to learn, to get along with others, and to respond to daily stresses and challenges through social-emotional well-being.

Menchaca Early Childhood Center teachers will have a role in preparing our young scholars for the future, as they will be our neighbors, community members, and future leaders. Every young Menchaca scholar, no matter what, needs a high-quality educational foundation for their development. We strive to develop local partnerships and connections to build supportive communities for children and families. Our collaboration with community partners will be bringing unique opportunities following science, technology, reading, engineering, art, and mathematics (STREAM) and the arts specifically like dance, karate, clubs, crafts, lego, sports, cheer, and more during the school year and specifically during the 30 additional school days.

This grant is allowing for innovation targeted to the success of our youngest learners. It is beneficial for them to have the leadership qualities and be a step ahead to succeed at the first-grade level because they have had the chance to develop as a whole child focused on their overall social, emotional, and academic success.

Menchaca will still be offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Cardinal Kids after-school care will align with our school calendar and remain ready to support our families.

The case for universal pre-k has been heavily researched and thoroughly studied for the benefits of early childhood education. This article shares some of these benefits:

We highly encourage every parent to bring their student on the first day of school so they have every opportunity to learn from a high-quality curriculum from the start; however, if a student is not here in the beginning we will welcome and receive any child on any date and support their learning to ensure their ability to show growth and find success.

Here is a FB Live Video we did earlier this year explaining more to our social media fans: