Matthey Middle School Band Wins Highest Award Possible

The Matthey Middle School Honors Band attended their UIL Concert/Sight-reading Evaluation and earned a Sweepstakes rating. The contest is a two-part event. In the concert portion, students prepare three pieces at least two months in advance to be performed. Three judges evaluate the band performance and a rating is given. The Matthey Band earned a First Division rating from all three judges.
In the Sight-reading portion, the students and director are given a piece of music they have never seen before and perform it on the first try. The Matthey band was given eight minutes to study the music but playing on instruments was not allowed. After the study time expired the students perform the music, at sight, as perfectly as possible. The Matthey Band earned a 1st Division rating from all three judges. Earning six 1st Division ratings constitutes a Sweepstakes Award. It is the highest award possible.
Explanation of ratings:
A Fifth Division represents “Poor”, a 4th Division represents “Below Average”, a 3rd Division represents “Average”, 2nd Division represents “Excellent”, and a 1st Division represents “Superior” performance.