SA Businessman Graham Weston visits Southside ISD

Businessman Mr. Graham Weston displays his pride in the Southside High School conjunto.

San Antonio businessman Graham Weston entered the Southside ISD boardroom to cheers of “surprise” followed immediately by upbeat conjunto music. Mr. Weston came to Southside ISD at the invitation of Superintendent Mr. Rolando Ramirez. The superintendent expressed his gratitude to Mr. Weston and his Community Labs for providing thousands of COVID-19 tests to the district’s students, teachers, and staff. Superintendent Ramirez told Mr. Weston, “As a result of the COVID tests provided, you enhanced confidence and safety for our district’s students, parents, and teachers and we just want to thank you.” During the celebration honoring the businessman, Mr. Weston beamed as he listened to the Southside High School conjunto. He told the room full of administrators, clerks, and staff, “No one has done this for me. Thank you!” Superintendent Ramirez presented Mr. Weston with an art glass trophy honoring the businessman for his contribution to Southside ISD. Mr. Weston is the founder and former CEO of Rackspace Technology. View more photos from the event here.