Cardinal Spotlight Week of January 3: Losoya Middle School


Danielle Delgado is a seventh-grade ELAR teacher this year. She has formed a good rapport with her students and works diligently to impart a love and passion for reading and writing to her students. She was the mastermind behind the seventh-grade reading competition and helped make our hallway a magnificent work of art that was instrumental in Losoya’s third-place position in the district-wide contest. We are fortunate to have her on our team.

Persians Ortiz is a seventh-grade student this year. She is a well-rounded student who participates in athletics, band, and art, and is taking all Pre-AP courses. Persians is a gifted athlete and played football this year in various positions; we all were proud of her ability, and we love watching her excel on and off the field. She has earned the respect of all the coaches and her team!