Cardinal Spotlight Week of January 3: Heritage Elementary School


This week’s Heritage Cardinal Spotlight is our Reading Specialist, Erica Dehoyos. Mrs. Dehoyos makes everything look so easy; working with students, juggling a house full of children, and operating a small print business from home. She is a faithful person and lets that lead her, always one to step up and volunteer to help; not wanting any recognition for it. We are so pleased to recognize our stylish Reading Teacher, Mrs. Erica Dehoyos!

This week’s Student Spotlight is none other than Calliope Tirado. She is such a pleasure to have in class because she always tries her best. Whether online or in class, Calliope is attentive, well mannered, and kind. She is easy going and gets along with others easily, probably because she is a middle child and learned at home. We are so happy to congratulate this creative and sweet girl!