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• High School Equivalency (GED) • Receive a GED practice test • Receive a free GED test coupon after 12 hours of class (must be 21 years old) • Take the GED test at ESC-20 • Transition to free JOB skills training class • Participation in the graduation ceremony on June 1 • Learn to Speak English (ESL) • Transition to free skills training class JOBS • Preparation for American Citizenship • Take the citizenship test (with high pass rate) • ESSA Job Skills Certification (Paraprofessional / Instructional Assistant) • Prepare for a new career in education (K-12) • Learn Business Skills in our English for Professionals class • Do you have a professional title in your country of origin? • Do you need to learn business skills? • Do you need to translate your grades? • You just want to learn business skills (digital literacy, Finance)

Start classes next week! Invite a friend or two! It is up to you to take the first steps towards your future! Complete the online registration form today at or Call 210-370-5498 for more information. There are also in-person classes.