Cardinal Band and Choir Soaring at Regionals-Going to State


This week, 15 of Southside Mighty Cardinal Band members auditioned for the Texas Music Educators Association all-region honor band. We are proud to report all 15 took home honors, including six Cardinals advancing to the area level contest to audition for the All-State Band!

A big congratulations to the following students:
Sarah Sibson, senior, 1st chair band 1 piccolo (advances to area), and 5th chair band 1 flute
Jacob Sanchez, junior, 2nd chair band 1 flute (advances to area)
Amanda Tapia, senior, 7th chair band 1 clarinet
Ashley Chavez, senior, 8th chair band 1 clarinet
Deborah Salahuddin, senior, 10th chair band 1 clarinet
Adriana Arellano, junior, 11th chair band 1 clarinet
Kindra Jones, senior, 1st chair band 1 alto sax (advances to area)
Justin Padilla, junior, 1st chair band 1 tenor sax (advances to area)
Alexis McCombs, senior, district band
Fabian Chavez-Martinez, senior, 6th chair band 1 trumpet
Jacob Lopez, senior, 7th chair band 1 trumpet
Nikolas Ramirez, sophomore, 11th chair band 2 trumpet
Robert DeLaTorre, junior, 2nd chair band 1 trombone (advances to area)
Aaron Perez, senior, 1st chair band 1 euphonium (advances to area)
David Jones, senior, 5th chair band 1 percussion
Our Southside High School choir is also singing to new heights.

These students have already earned a position in the Region Choir.

This is the results of the PRE Area Contest (2nd Round)

Congratulations to Ana Martinez for placing 6th place at the TMEA Pre Area Choir Auditions. She is the 1st Alternate

Congratulations to Carolina Rubio, who will be ADVANCING to the Area Auditions! She placed 2nd at Pre  Area!

Additionally, four Matthey MS band students auditioned for the TMEA MS Region XI Band last week. All four students placed in the Region Band.

The students are:
Felipe Alvarado – Band 2  – 1st chair
Sophia Sanchez – Band 2 – 3rd chair
Erick Guzman – Band 2 – 3rd chair
Tonantzin Ruiz – Band 2 – 2nd chair
Congratulations to all of our students!
Southside High School students advance to All-State Band competition.