Cardinal Spotlight Week of December 13: Heritage Elementary School


This week’s Heritage Cardinal Spotlight staff member is Roberta Tovar. It is fitting that she was chosen because December’s attribute is “Kindness” and she exudes it wherever she goes. Not only is she kind, but also will ask you how you’re doing and sincerely want to know, she cares for her students and peers alike. Ms. Tovar makes every day better with her positivity and spunky personality. We were so fortunate to have her transfer to our campus from Losoya when they became a traditional middle school. Thank you for bringing everything good to Heritage!

Ayden Espo is a 4th-grade student at Heritage Elementary School. Ayden always comes to class with a positive attitude. He finds ways to compliment his peers on even the smallest accomplishments. Ayden is always wanting to improve his scores and is a self-motivated learner. His positivity is contagious and we are so lucky to have him as a student at Heritage Elementary school. Keep Soaring Ayden!