Cardinal Spotlight Week of December 6: Losoya Middle School


Brittny Quintana- Mrs. Quintana is our support staff for the Base Unit. Ms. B as she is affectionately referred to by our students within the Base Unit plays a significant role in helping our students learn academically, socially, and behaviorally. She shows great love and cares for our students that at times need it the most. She is incredibly committed to our kids and shows it with passion and compassion for all levels of learners. She is willing to do whatever it takes to keep our kids safe, even at times from themselves, and never allows a day to impact her willingness to continue to support our kids. Mrs. Quintana exhibits all characteristics of what it takes to be a Losoya Cardinal.

Karly Garza- Karly is currently in 7th grade here at Losoya MS. She has come a long way from her 6th-grade year to now. She has exhibited a great positive attitude and makes attempts to actively participate in all her classes. She is an avid artist who provides various staff members with creative artwork to display in their offices and classrooms. She has grown in maturity, respect, and attitude which have contributed to the vast improvement of her grades in a majority of classes; which we are all incredibly proud of her for.
Karly is another prime example of a Losoya Cardinal soaring towards excellence.