Cardinal Spotlight Week of December 6: Heritage Elementary School


Heritage is happy to announce this week’s Cardinal Spotlight is Deborah Sanchez. Ms. Sanchez is our principal’s secretary and more. She jumps in when a class needs to be covered, lunch duty calls, or even when you may be having a difficult day. Somehow Ms. Sanchez always maintains a happy disposition even when things may seem chaotic. Thank you for all you do and for spreading kindness throughout our school!

Mila Martinez is a hardworking 4th-grade student at Heritage Elementary. Conscientious, respectful, and kind, Mila always comes to class ready to learn. She puts forth her best effort at school, and never hesitates to help others who may need a hand. Her “can do” attitude and positive, bubbly personality make her a joy to have in the classroom. Congratulations Mila- we are so proud of you!