Cardinal Spotlight Week of November 29: Pearce Elementary School


Pearce 3rd grade teacher, Valerie Sanchez, loves spending time with family, helping her Southside community grow, teaching Science, and supporting her colleagues in any way possible. She is a go-getter, speaks her mind, and always up for friendly competition. Valerie is a leader on and off the campus, accepts all challenges, maintains great attendance, and can be found participating at all campus-wide events. Thank you Valerie for your Southside pride, loyalty, and commitment! We appreciate you!

Pearce 3rd grader, Azmi Villarreal is a delight to have in class. She has a great attitude and lots of grit. She always comes to school ready to learn and makes great predictions, connections, and inferences while reading. Azmi is a good friend and a very helpful student. The youngest of the Villarreal family to go through the Pearce hallways! Thank you, Azmi for growing with us, being a shining star, and making Pearce a great place to be!