Cardinal Spotlight Week of November 15: Losoya Middle School

Mrs. Burchell is our Lexia teacher here at Losoya. She works tirelessly and diligently to give our students the personalized attention that they need to excel at reading. The program is intense and students learn how to code words and come out of the program speaking a whole new coding language that most of us will never know. She gets to know her students well and excels at building relationships with them. She takes the time to get them all the resources that they need in order to be successful. She has a gift for bringing students out of their shells, and they become active participants in their own education. We are blessed to have her here at Losoya.
Danielle Montoya is a 7th grader this year. She is very outgoing and is taking all Pre- AP courses and is also actively participating in athletics. She loves to read and is a great writer, and is quite articulate. She recently shared an essay she wrote with her entire virtual  English class and was willing to share about her own personal strengths as well as weaknesses. She did an excellent job and all the other students praised her effort.