Cardinal Spotlight Week of November 9: Pearce Elementary School


Pearce Reading Specialist, Virginia Kelsey, is new to Southside ISD and fits in well. She goes above and beyond in all that she does. Her leadership skills shine as she takes initiative for many things going on at our campus while still maintaining an understanding of what it takes to be in the classroom. She supports our teachers and students through lessons, activities, professional development, and a weekly newsletter she likes to call Literacy Nest. Thank you, Mrs. Kelsey, for always being a team player, someone we can all count on, and a huge supporter of Reading on our campus!

Pearce 1st grade student, Rogelio Rodriguez, loves practicing basketball with his brother, taking care of animals, playing Roblox, and doing Mathematics in the classroom. He models excellent manners in the virtual classroom. Welcome to Pearce Rogelio and thank you for your respectful attitude, participation in class, and willingness to always do your best!