Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 19: Pearce Elementary School

Mrs. Gonzalez has an amazing rapport with her students, parents, and staff. She works hard to keep students and staff morale up. She is a team player who will move forward with what is asked of her. When she speaks, she speaks in the best interest of her campus. Pearce took 1st place in the first month’s attendance challenge. While she reminds me that I owe her a raspa, she definitely not only deserves one, but she should be highlighted in the Cardinal Spotlight. Way to go Mrs. Gonzalez!
Pearce 4th grade student, Abram Macias, loves to eat ribs, play games, read Marvel Comic books, and watch TV. He is a dedicated student who works hard to master new math skills. He takes ownership of his learning by following his class schedule, staying on top of his work, and asking questions. Even though Abram is always fully engaged in his learning, he never forgets to use his manners. Thank you Abram for being so AWESOME!