Cardinal Spotlight Week of October 19: Heritage Elementary School


Mrs. Puente is very competitive and wants to be prepared for everything that is requested of Heritage. When something is asked of her she is quick to deliver. Heritage took 1st place in the Hallway Decoration contest. She is a hard worker and goes above and beyond what is asked of her. Her staff follows her example by being competitive in all of the district initiatives. Keep up the great work Mrs. Puente!

Amairani Muñoz is a very eager student who is self-motivated to learn. At just 6 years old, Amairani shows great responsibility and dedication to her learning by logging in online and participating actively in all lessons and class discussions. Amairani brings a very bright and positive energy to the day with her enthusiasm and love of learning. Amairani, congratulations on being our Cardinal of the Week! We are very proud of you.