Southside High School Choir Singing towards All-State Success

Carolina Rubio, Southside High School junior
On Saturday, Oct. 17, four Southside High School choir members participated in the Texas Music Educators Association’s Region 11 Choir Auditions as the first round of the All-State Choir Process. Three students earned a position in the Region Choir, and two will be advancing to the next round (Pre-Area) Contest in late November.
This is a great accomplishment for the students and the choir program. A student has not advanced to the next level in several years. There is no record of the last time Southside High School students advanced to this level. “Hopefully, this is the beginning of a wonderful new direction for our program,” said choir director Mr. Joel Ahumada.
Ana Martinez, Southside High School senior
Soprano 2 – 7th Place – RegionChoir/Advances to Pre-Area
Carolina Rubio, Southside High School junior
Alto 1 – 2nd Place – Region Choir/Advances to Pre-Area
Jessica Vallejo, Southside High School senior
Soprano 1 – Region Choir
Araceli Rodriguez, Southside High School junior
21st Place in a field of 49.
Congratulations Cardinals!