Meals for Students at Southside I.S.D.

Monday thru Friday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Meals may be picked up at the campuses listed below it does not need to be the student(s) home campus.

There will also be 8 bus routes that will provide daily meals between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

If you have any questions please call 210-882-1625.

Children up to the age of 18 may receive meals. They do not have to be enrolled at Southside I.S.D. We will need the child’s name and age .

Curbside meal distribution :

  • Gallardo Elementary, Heritage, and Southside High School.

  • Menchaca will resume curbside distribution on October 19th.

Monday, October 12th is a student holiday. The meals were distributed on Friday for Monday.

Bus Routes for Meal Distribution are estimated times.

Gallardo Elementary

11:00-Renova St. & San Acacia

11:10-Ruidosoa & Socorro

11:17-Renova st. Sanco

11:22-San Casimiro St. & Renova St. @ church Parking

11:33-Ruidosa & Santa Rita St.

11:40-Champion Homes

12:04-Pleasanton Cir & Pleasanton Pl.

1:00-Rosemont Apts.

Menchaca Early Childhood

11:00-Del Lago PKWY & Two Iron

11:09-Del Lago PKWY & Pelican Pass

11:15-Del Lago PKWY Swimming Pool Parking Lot

11:37-Lee Trevino & Tiger Woods

11:52-1327 Mission Grande

1:00-16800 US HWY 281 N. G & G Mobile Homes

Menchaca Early Childhood

11:00-Hume Rd. & US Highway 281 S.

11:08-Dunes & Martha Rd.

11:17-Dunes & Riptide

11:26-Riptide & Sandview

11:37-Sea Island Dr. & Whispering Winds Dr.

11:47-Breakers & Sandview

11:58-Mogford Rd. & Sandview

1:00-Blackjack Rd. & Oliver Rd.

Pearce Elementary

11:00-Englehart Rd. & Pleasanton Rd.

11:17-24945 Pleasnton Rd. at Thelma Food Store

11:30-Peaceful Ln & Robert Jared

11:48-Corner of Robert Jarred & Duke

12:04-Trumbo Rd. & Trumbo Trl.

12:21-Englehart Rd. & Trumbo Rd.

1:00-18600 Pleasanton Rd. @ Everybody loves Raymond Parking lot

Freedom Elementary

11:00-Star Oaks Dr. & Storm Oak Dr.

11:12-New Mathis Rd. & Silver Chalice

11:30-Waterbrook Dr. & Wild China Dr.

11:41-Dragon Rock Rd. & New Mathis Rd.

11:51-Fawn Trail Dr. & Red Bay Woods

11:58-New Mathis Rd. & Skila Dr.

12:04-New Mathis Rd, & Hickory Shadow

12:15-Hickory Shadow & Lost Hills Dr.

12:22-Grand Spg & Morning Frost

12:29-Waterwood Pass Dr. & Grand Spring

12:46-Hickory Shadow & Sun Cir

1:00-Hickory Shadow & Waterwood Pass Dr.


11:00-19432 Liedecke Rd. Apt

11:11-Labus Rd. & Priest Rd.

11:23-Lamm Rd. & Priest Rd.

11:38-Hickory Haven Rd. & Lazy Stream Dr.

11:47-Accors & Skila Dr.

11:56-Accors & Skila Dr.

12:03-Hilltop Peaks & Skila Dr.

12:09-Hilltop Peaks & Skila Dr.

12:19-Lowman Dr. & Shady Forest Dr.

12:28-Shady Forest Dr. & Wild Fox

12:37-Carlsbad Dr. & Shady Forest Dr.

12:46-Accors & Shady Forest Dr.

1:00-Priest Rd. & Shady Forest Dr.

Southside High School

11:00-Leal St. & Martinez Losoya Rd.

11:05-1975 Martinez Losoya Rd.

11:10-Arcositas Ave. & FM 1937

11:15-3234 Valley Rd.

11:20-2576 Wright Carpenter

11:25-2636 Rabel Rd.

11:30-3437 Rabel Rd.

11:35-17603 Tucker Place

11:40-2nd ST. & 6th ST.

11:45-Blue Wing Rd. & Lamm Rd.

11:50-Acoponeta Ave. & Martinez St.

11:55-Belen St. & Hidalgo Ave.

12:00-Belen St. & Puebla

12:05-Rosa St. & Salvador Ave. & Salvador Dr.

12:10-Acaponeta Ave. & Rosa St.

12:20-Laredo Rd. & Leal St.

12:25-16432 Laredo Rd.

12:30-Fowler St. & Leal St.

12:35-16875 Martinez Losoya Rd.

Southside High School

11:00-Mathis Rd & Mathis Cir

11:10-Mathis Rd. & Bywood Dr.

11:20-Alanwood Dr. & Owenwood

11:30-Camp Site Rd. & Ranch Trail Rd.

11:40-Sandy BND & Sandy Park

11:50-Post Oak VW & Sandy Cir

12:00-BlackJack Pass & Turkey Cir

12:10-Hackberry HL. & Sandy CRK

12:15-Hackberry HL & Kendall Way

12:20-Kendall Way & Medina Cir

12:25-Kinney BND & Mason Pass

12:30-US HWY 281 S. Memorial LN

12:35-N. Addison St. & W. Addison & Woodland

12:40-Rusty Leaf Ln & Woodland

12:45-Big Oak Dr. & Tumbleweed LN.

12:50-Crossland Rd & Redfern Dr.

12:55-Big Oak Dr. & Crossland Rd.

1:00-U.S. HWY 281 S. & Mogford