Thank you to ALL the SOUTHSIDE ISD Custodians!

Green Christmas Wreath Thank You Card

Today, Oct. 2nd is National Custodian Day.  Many times they are working while we sleep or hours after we have left to go home.   Today recognizes the hard work that it takes to keep our public facilities safe and clean. During this time of COVID -19, they are part of the army of Frontline workers they help all of us stay healthy. We can not thank you enough for all of your hard work.

A small gesture of appreciation was given to our custodians at SISD. Today each employee got surprised with cookies from Tiff’s Treats.  Little white boxes with the blue ribbon were given out to faithful Cardinals who we hope know how grateful we are to have them here and a part of our family.

Custodians are our first line of defense of the war on germs and often, it’s a thankless task. So, on National Custodian Day,  show your appreciation to the custodians who clean the office buildings or schools that you frequent. As far we’re concerned, custodians are the hardest-working people in show business!

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