Cardinal Spotlight Week of September 28: Matthey Middle School


Elizabeth Barton is the Cardinal Spotlight for the week. Mrs. Barton is a third-year counselor at Matthey Middle School. Her work is integral to all aspects of our instructional and student support services programs at Matthey Middle School. Mrs. Barton has set up systems to support our students in all aspects and continues to drive our counseling program at Matthey Middle School. She truly lives by the district motto “We Are One”.

Journey Montemayour is a sixth-grade student at Matthey Middle School. The journey has turned in all of her assignments that were for a grade, and she also completes the assignments that are not for a grade. When she missed one of her assignments (even though she already had an A), she asked how she can make up a specific grade for a specific assignment. Every time she has a question she never hesitates to come during office hours to clarify what needs to be done. It is evident that Journey genuinely cares about her knowledge, and wants to understand and succeed in every which way possible.