Cardinal Spotlight Week of September 28: Freedom Elementary School


Maria Mata is one of our wonderful custodians at Freedom Elementary. She always greets everyone with a joyous “Good morning” and will always offer to help you in any way she can. She takes pride in everything she does and loves Freedom! She treats everyone with respect and is always making sure that our needs are taken care of and that our school is clean and safe for all of us. She is such a wonderful human being and her character is to be commended. We sincerely love her and are thankful that she is part of our Freedom Family!

Pedro Cruz

Pedro Cruz has a smile and personality that can light up a room. He is a joy to be around and a joy to teach. Pedro loves learning new things. He is such a respectful young man. He hasn’t let virtual school slow him down. He keeps up his momentum and is getting the job done. His second-grade teacher, Ms. Dowel says, “Pedro is a hard-working student. During the summer he took part in the Cardinal Academy. Every day he comes into our Google Meets eager to learn something new. He is a leader amongst his classmates. He is respectful of others. He has a Proactive mindset and always Puts First Things First. Pedro is a great example of what it means to be a Cardinal.” Fantastic Job Pedro!