It’s Constitution Day! Southside Students Meet Supreme Court Justice

Constiution Day 3

(San Antonio, TX ) – The highest court of the land, the US Supreme Court exists to protect and uphold the laws of the United States Constitution. The US Supreme Court gets 50 million cases submitted a year and only hear 70 to 80 cases are heard by the court each year.  Today students from all over the country including Southside HS were part of a unique experience.  Cardinals from the SHS US History Class with Ms. Priscilla Mota were part of a Live Zoom hosted by the National Constitution Center.  Students,  Cindy Maya, Arlene Caratachea, Jacob Sanchez, Roberto Delatorre, and Edwin Orantes were all on a Zoom with Supreme Court Justice Neil McGill Gorsuch. Justice Gorsuch is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. He was nominated by President Donald Trump on January 31, 2017, and has served since April 10, 2017.

Way to make history Cardinals!

Click here to see a video with Southside HS students who has to meet and ask Justice Gorsuch questions.

Watch tonight (6:30 PM EST) as Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg receives the 2020 Liberty Medal this Constitution Day.