Matthey Middle School Classroom Open 24-hours

Google Classroom Homepage (1)

“You won’t see this anything like this anywhere else,” Matthey Middle School principal Mr. Miguel Martell stated proudly. The counselor and social worker virtual classroom at Matthey Middle School is designed to connect sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders with their campus.

Its focus is to help students cope with anxiety, sadness, and prevent self-harm. The aim is to allow students who may be feeling overwhelmed to log on at any time, day or night. The counselors’ and social worker’s bitmojis serve as guides.

“We can’t be there with them in the middle of the night if they are feeling anxious, but they can log on to the page,” said social worker Heather Thatcher.

Anger Iceberg
The Anger Iceberg is in the virtual classroom. It helps students examine the underlying causes. Emotions such as fear, jealousy, and embarrassment can be underlying causes of anger.

The virtual classroom is fun, engaging, and colorful. Its created to be relatable to students. Whether students are stressed or relaxed, this virtual classroom can take students across the world in an instant.

“We know they’re doing school work, but this gives them a place to go for fun and comfort. Even though we’re far away, we’re still here for them,” counselor Elizabeth Barton said.

The classroom is loaded with Harry Potter books, Live cams from the San Diego Zoo, Google’s 360 National Parks, and YouTube videos such as “Being Kinder to Yourself” and “How to Clear Your Head.”

The Matthey Middle School staff know this emotional virtual classroom is working. “Students have emailed us wanting more information,” Barton said.

Parents also wanting more information can email Matthey Middle School social worker Heather Thatcher at