Cardinal Spotlight Week of September 14: Menchaca Early Childhood Center



Dawn Vontur is a wonderful kindergarten teacher and team lead. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that student success is a top priority. She is an advocate for her students, and a great leader to her team. She shares her expertise with others and volunteers to assist with curriculum writing this past summer to make sure students and teachers have lessons that engage our littlest learners. Thank you Ms. Vontur for all your hard work and dedication.

Demian is an amazing student to have in class. His teacher, Mr. Gonzales, has noticed that he is closely following the PBIS rules of being respectful and being responsible. He is a model student by always completing his work and participating in class. He loves to show his work off and listens closely to all his teacher says and does during the virtual lessons. We love seeing the spark in his eyes as he eagerly works so hard to learn all he can. Demian is such a pleasure to see in action and we all know he will do great things!