Cardinal Spotlight Week of September 7: Menchaca Early Childhood Center


Ms. Kimberly Deck is a valuable member of our Menchaca Family. She is an ECSE aide that provides support in our self-contained unit as well as inclusionary support. She not only is a lifeline for our students and parents, but for her coworkers as well. She shares knowledge and resources freely. Her positive vibe, flexibility, and determination to do what is best for our students is valued and appreciated! Thank you for being a part of the Menchaca family!

Luis is one amazing student to have in a kinder class. He is loving, energetic, creative, and he works very hard on all his assignments. He is eager to learn and enjoys sharing his journal writing with others. Luis has such a positive attitude that is contagious that he makes his friends smile and wave at each while learning virtually. His excitement about school is infectious and he brings lots of laughter and joy to the class. Thank you Luis for being you!