Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 28: Losoya Middle School

Ms. Basco is a very humble and kind person, which is easily noticeable when it comes to meeting the needs of her students. She may not be the most tech-savvy as it relates to our current virtual learning environment, but she has taken it upon herself to bridge the digital divide. She is continuously working to improve her skills and understanding to be equipped to provide her students with quality instruction. She is hardworking and is willing to ask questions to get a firm grip on how to teach effectively. She is incredibly well versed in the math curriculum and will continue to provide an environment of learning for our Cardinals to soar.

Ghira Rosales is currently in 8th Grade at Losoya MS. She participates in extracurricular activities, most notably being in a band. Ghira is actively engaged throughout the educational day and is always positive and optimistic in regards to her interactions with her teachers during remote learning. She is well mannered and prepared for each lesson which contributes to continued success in her classes. Ghira is soft-spoken, but when given the opportunity to express herself she does so in an eloquent way which helps to provide an authentic voice when called upon.