Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 28: Freedom Elementary School

Monica Arellano is a great teacher that is always there for the students and staff. She is always willing to share ideas or praise other’s ideas! She is a great team player and always looks out for the best interest of students. She is an advocate for her students, her fellow colleagues, and for education in general.  She teaches not only with her knowledge and experience but her heart.  She is able to create a positive classroom environment, where it feels like the class is more of a community.  Students are free to discuss, question, and explore while learning in her class.  She often pulls on students’ prior knowledge and helps them make connections when learning something new.  
Jacere participates in class daily.  She makes sure all her assignments are turned in on time.  She has a very positive attitude.  Jacere is an amazing helper at home. She cleans her room and is always willing to help with her little brother and baby sister. She’s always smiling and full of love. Her favorite color is blue and purple. She has an amazing imagination when it comes out to playing and learning. She’s smart, friendly, and very polite. She loves to learn about science, everything with projects and liquids she’s always eager to learn about it. Jacere loves animals, she has cats and dogs and a fish, and she’s always playing around with them. Jacere is an amazing little girl, and she’s so sweet with everybody.