Philanthropist Kym Rapier sends message to Southside Families

Kym Rapier
Philanthropist Kym Rapier

Over the last two years, philanthropist Kym Rapier has established a medical clinic and a food pantry in the Southside Independent School District. The clinic is lovingly named for her late mother, Susan Hall. The Kym Rapier Food Pantry has also helped provide food to more than 30,000 people during the past year. We are fortunate to have received the following message from Ms. Rapier.

“Thank you for allowing me to join you in the mission to make life better for the children of Southside ISD. Over the past two years, I have seen pictures posted and the excitement in children’s eyes as they receive food. I am also honored to have established the Susan Hall Community Health Clinic; named for my beloved mother. My mother was compassionate and taught me that helping others makes us happier and healthier, connects us to others, and creates stronger communities. Giving doesn’t have to be money, either, it can be your time or your talent. It’s my hope that the Southside community steps in to help others. I also look forward to visiting Southside ISD in the near future and witness the amazing work you are doing. Until then, may God bless you. Always,”                                                  Kym Rapier