Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 21: Menchaca Early Childhood Center

Ms. Sandoval is a veteran pre-k  teacher who believes that student success is created through meaningful relationships. She is committed to studentsuccess inside of the classroom and in life. Ms. Sandoval understands that play is a child’s most important work, and she strives to create and maintain an environment where every child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them. Thank you Ms. Sandoval for teaching with a heart of gold.  
Arabella is a pleasure to have in class. She has a positive attitude and an amazing smile that is contagious!  Arabella loves learning and she is always engaged. She shows up every morning ready to participate in her kinder class and share with her friends.  Her love for writing shows her creativity while making personal connections at the same time.  Thank you Arabella for being a great role model!