Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 21: Losoya Middle School

Mr. Bogran works tirelessly to aid the success of all students, especially the LEP population. He not only teaches 6th grade World Cultures but also Dual Language, ESL, and SLAR. He coaches both cross-country and soccer, and last season both teams excelled. Losoya’s 8th-grade boy’s cross-country team won conference champs and the 8th-grade boys soccer team won zone champs. Mr. Bogran is always asking how he can help, is willing to provide support in any area of need, and is a tremendous help during both TELPAS testing and the collection of writing samples.

Losoya Middle School student of the week is 6th grader Zackery Ortiz. Zackery has shown to be a very hard-working student who participates during lessons, is respectful, and is not afraid to advocate for himself. Despite having some technical issues at the beginning of the week, his teachers say he always attends his virtual classes with a positive attitude. At home, Zackery enjoys playing video games, riding his bike, and archery. Zackery and his grandparents also enjoy spending time at the beach, fishing, and going hunting.