Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 14: Losoya Middle School

Mrs. Stuart will be teaching Principles of IT in addition to Yearbook/Journalism this upcoming academic year and will be entering her 2nd year at Losoya. Mrs. Stuart exhibited a keen sense of assisting her colleagues throughout the spring as we entered remote learning. Students often find her to be consistent, fair and welcoming. Additionally, this summer Mrs. Stuart took on the challenge of teaching in our Cardinal Academy Summer Blast program where she utilized her recently earned Counseling Degree in providing guidance and wellness lessons mixed in with career exploration for students Kindergarten through 8th Grade. Mrs. Stuart is a hardworking educator who represents components of what it takes to be a Losoya Cardinal.

Juan will be entering his 8th-grade year at Losoya. Juan is a very inquisitive student who makes it a point to challenge himself. He is a kind and thoughtful student who gets along with a variety of people. He is a clear communicator which serves him well in expressing himself and articulating his thoughts. During the Cardinal Academy Summer Blast, Juan took it upon himself to enroll in the program to enrich his summer learning. Juan actively participated throughout the summer and brought his unique way of thinking and creativity to exhibit to his peers and teachers. Juan will continue to soar throughout the next academic year.