Cardinal Spotlight Week of August 14: Freedom Elementary School

Brenda. Barajas is a wonderful counselor who shares her wisdom, grace, and love with us all. She willingly goes above and beyond without being asked all with a glowing smile and warm heart. She establishes great relationships with our students, community and staff.  Her communication  with our students, community and staff has empowered anyone who wants to speak with her to do so openly and honestly. She makes it a point to ensure that all of our social and emotional needs are met and does it with such a positive attitude. Mrs Barajas is caring and compassionate toward everyone she encounters. She makes our campus shine brighter just by being there.  
Kevin Salinas is a great leader. He was a great example of patrol. Kevin was always ready to deliver wagons coming off the bus. He would report to his hallway duty on his assigned day. He was always following the expectations  of the hallway. He would ask for Freedom bucks to give to the students who were following hallway expectations.