Cardinal Spotlight Week of July 24: Menchaca Early Childhood Center

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Irma Villanueva is a Kindergarten Teacher at Menchaca, and has been a proud Cardinal for 31 years. Mrs. Villanueva is a valuable asset to Menchaca. She is a team lead and assists her team with planning engaging and rigorous lessons. She helps to develop teachers and even student teachers who are getting ready to graduate and enter the teaching profession. She is definitely an individual to learn from. When she is not helping adults, she is hard at work for her students. In the classroom, you can see the love of learning instilled in her students. She meets the needs of her students in her lessons and even when working with them in small groups. Mrs. Villnaueva’s teaching style and techniques are why her students are successful. She cares deeply about her students’ well being and academic growth. You will often see her as one of the last ones to leave the campus as she is preparing activities for her lessons and collaborating. Mrs. Villanueva has been a valuable asset to the district as she has laid a solid foundation for so many students throughout the years. Mrs. Villanueva’s dedication and passion for teaching is the reason why Southside parents, students, and staff members love her. She is a wonderful asset to Menchaca.

Jazlyn is one amazing student and peer. She is such a happy person and loves to start off her day with music and dance. She is also a super kind and caring friend who goes out of her way to help others. She is motivated and fun to be around! The one thing that stands out is that when she notices that a friend is having a hard time or day she offers hugs and tries to play with them. She was a real pleasure to have in my class and I know that she will truly brighten up her kinder classroom next year!