Cardinal Spotlight Week of July 24: Losoya Middle School

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Mrs. Magana is a 6th grade Science teacher and department head at Losoya Middle School. She is a wonderful teacher who loves her students, and is passionate about teaching. Mrs. Magana collaborates with her team to plan engaging lessons to make learning fun for students. She has taken initiative to enhance her knowledge about remote learning to better serve our students. When not in school, Mrs.Magana loves to bake. She is famous on campus for her brownies and fancy cakes.
Diamond Robles always models excellence because she welcomes challenges. She uses any tool she is given to develop her own skill set, and that has helped her grow academically. Aside from being dedicated to her studies, Diamond also has a noble heart. She is always willing to aid any peer if she can. Any student can make an impact on occasion, but Diamond makes a never-ending impact. Diamond will no doubt reach for the stars in life…and go beyond.